martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007


This is my new blog! 
Welcome, check it often!!

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GMoss dijo...

I love it - I'll visit it every day!!! Make sure you visit mine too -! Gretchen :)

yael dijo...

Thanks Gretchen!!!!!!! Of course I'll visit yours!!!!

Elsita :) dijo...

Hola Gretchen! It's sooo great to see you here!
I am as happy as you about Yael's new blog!
Yael your blog is beautiful! When I firt started on Etsy Yael was the first person who got in touch with me and she made me feel great. You know that it is a little hard when you start new on something, in my case Yael made me feel like I was at home and I really appreciate that. You are a very especial person Yael, thank you sooo much for everything!
Elsita :)

yael dijo...

ELSITA, como dije antes: sos una "dulce de leche".
GRACIAS por todo!!!!!!

Heidi dijo...

I can seeee you! *waves*


yael dijo...

I can see you too!!!