martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Thanks so much!

Translation please?
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Avdelingen dijo...

I'd better translate it myself I guess :) Here is what I wrote in Norwegian:
These posters are posting the big questions in life. Who? What? All that is lacking now is a Where? and the collection will be complete.Black and white are still among our favourite colours in this blog.

Kind regards A in the blog "Avdelingen".

The comments were (summary):
Rina: I really love these. I also like the black and white.
Fjasevashuset: Funny. They make me smile.
Konfettiform: Nice prints. I've got one already in the nursery and I love it. Soon, hopefully my two year old will do the same.
Moderne Retro: I liked these and am thinking of ordering one. Thanks for letting me know.

yael dijo...

thank youuuuuu!!!! sweetie :)